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  • Alexander Cocker

    Alexander Cocker

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Structural Biology

    Bio Following two years working in clinical trials Dr Cocker started his PhD under the supervision of Professor Mark Johnson and Dr Nesrina Imami, studying the impact of HIV-1 infection on pregnancy related immunological changes using fluorescent cytometry and functional assays to explore natural killer, dendritic and T cell populations longitudinally.
    Dr Cocker is continuing his work in HIV and other infectious diseases, and is especially focussed on how chronic infection can affect natural killer cell education, development and function.

  • Patricia Cross

    Patricia Cross

    Professor (Teaching) of Structural Biology, Emerita

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests I am not now actively involved in research, but my past endeavors remain central to my position in guiding medical students in their scholarship pursuits.
    The cited publications represent three areas of interest:
    (1) medical student research (Jacobs and Cross)
    (2) women in medicine (Cross and Steward)
    (3) the reproductive physiology of early development (Cross and Brinster)
    Only one publication is listed in this area since the research is not current, but others (in e.g. Nature, DevBiol, ExpCellRes) give a broader picture of my pursuit when at the University of Pennsylvania.

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