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  • Eehwa Ung, Ph.D.

    Eehwa Ung, Ph.D.

    Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliated) [Shc], Psych/General Psychiatry and Psychology (Adult)

    Bio I am a licensed clinical psychologist working in the inpatient psychiatric units at Stanford Health Care. I am trained in CBTp, CBT, ACT, and DBT that encompasses principles of recovery, strength-based, trauma-informed, and person-centered values. My career interests focuses on the early detection and evidence-based interventions for psychosis spectrum disorders. My research interests also include the psychosocial impact of mental health stigma (public and internalized) of people experiencing psychosis.

    I utilize the biopsychosocial framework in my understanding in how people access and participate in treatment. I strive to understand how community resources, access to care, treatment, and client advocacy can help to address systemic and social issues related to mental health care. As such, I am active in the training of students in the provision of evidence-based treatment for disenfranchised communities to de-stigmatize and improve the quality of care for people struggling with a mental health concern.

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