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  • Andrea Mendoza Vasconez

    Andrea Mendoza Vasconez

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, SCRDP/ Heart Disease Prevention

    Bio Dr. Andrea S. Mendoza-Vasconez' research has primarily focused on the promotion and maintenance of physical activity among Latino populations, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Dr. Mendoza-Vasconez is interested in citizen science as a means of empowering and mobilizing underserved communities, and in the use of technology to tailor interventions in a behavioral precision medicine approach.

    Outside of research, Dr. Mendoza-Vasconez loves spending time with her family (especially her baby daughter Olivia), biking, learning new and challenging things (like surfing!), and traveling to new places (which will unfortunately be done sparingly in the future in an effort to reduce her ecological footprint).

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