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  • Paul Pang

    Paul Pang

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cardiovascular Institute

    Bio Dr. Paul Pang is a postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute with research interests in disease modeling, clinical genomics, precision medicine, and drug discovery. Dr. Pang received his Ph.D. in Integrative Molecular and Biomedical Sciences studying the alternative splicing of SCN5A in the heart and the effects of its misregulation in diseases such as myotonic dystrophy. During his Ph.D. training, he was a recipient of the NIH T32 and F31 NRSA Predoctoral Fellowships, Claude W. Smith Fellowship Award, and Dean's Award of Excellence among numerous presentation and travel awards from the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the American Heart Association. During his postdoctoral training, Dr. Pang has been awarded NIH T32 and F32 NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowships to investigate muscular dystrophies with a focus on personalized medicine and drug discovery.

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