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  • Tanya Stoyanova

    Tanya Stoyanova

    Assistant Professor of Radiology (Cancer Early Detection-Canary Center)

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Stoyanova lab develops new early cancer detection methods and therapeutic strategies for late stage cancers. The current research focus is on protein-based biomarkers for early cancer detection as well as development of new small molecule inhibitors and antibody-based therapies for prostate and other epithelial cancers. The ultimate goals of the laboratory are to improve the early diagnosis and prognosis of clinically significant cancers and guide the development of novel and effective therapeutic strategies for metastatic prostate and other epithelial cancers.

  • Uday Kumar Sukumar

    Uday Kumar Sukumar

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Radiology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests I strongly believe that the toughest challenges on the face of the earth is often addressed by the strengths of inter-disciplinary science. In sight of such promises, I specialized in the field of biotechnology and nanotechnology and thrive on research at the crossroads of these two emerging fields of science. Over the course of my research, I have learnt diverse techniques and procedures of diagnostic and therapeutic nanomaterial synthesis, characterization and bioevaluation (invitro & invivo).

  • Daniel Sze, MD, PhD

    Daniel Sze, MD, PhD

    Professor of Radiology (Interventional Radiology)

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Transarterial administration of chemotherapeutics, radioactive microspheres, and biologics for the treatment of unresectable tumors; management of portal hypertension and complications of cirrhosis (TIPS); treatment of complications of organ transplantation; Venous and pulmonary arterial thrombolysis and reconstruction; Stent and Stent-graft treatment of peripheral vascular diseases, aneurysms, aortic dissections

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