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  • Tiffany Yu

    Tiffany Yu

    Masters Student in Clinical Informatics Management, admitted Summer 2021

    Bio Tiffany Yu is a social entrepreneur, cultural commentator, and seasoned leader. She is the founder and CEO of Modem, the first lifestyle and wellness digital media company for Asian Americans. Prior to Modem, Tiffany was the Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of Watercress, the first Medium publication dedicated to highlighting the Asian American experience. Tiffany's essays on culture, intersectionality, and identity have been featured in Medium Politics, Culture, and Film. Tiffany has served as a keynote speaker at events hosted by Harvard University, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. She has been nationally recognized as a Forbes Under 30 Scholar and rising Gen-Z changemaker.

    Passionate in health access and education, Tiffany is the President of the Cal Undergraduate Public Health Coalition, the largest student-run public health organization in California. In 2020, she served as the Executive Director and National Board President for Team HBV, the first student-run nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to eradicating Hepatitis B in minority and immigrant communities. In 2019, Tiffany was appointed as the first Director of Basic Needs in the Office of the UC Berkeley President, developing policies and outreach initiatives dedicated to alleviating student food insecurity on campus for the largest and most autonomous student-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the nation. In 2019, Tiffany also founded and taught a first-of-its-kind undergraduate course on U.S. health policy and advocacy in the UC Berkeley School of Public Health (Health Policy and Management Division) for three semesters to over 50 students. Tiffany's current interests center on health technology, particularly clinical informatics, digital health, and process innovation. Her product management experiences at digital health startups have invigorated her passion for this field. She has served as a distinguished fellow for UC Berkeley Engineering, UC Berkeley Computer Science, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Tiffany graduated from UC Berkeley in 2021 and is attaining her MS in Clinical Informatics Management at Stanford University School of Medicine.

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