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  • David Chu

    David Chu

    Veterinarian, Comparative Medicine - Veterinary Service Center

    Current Role at Stanford Oversee day to day operations in rodent and aquatic animal health programs including clinical medicine, health surveillance, import / export affairs, and strategic planning spreading across over a dozen facilities on and off campus. Supervise personnel engaged in rodent health surveillance enterprise. Administer appropriate veterinary care to all animals in AAALAC accredited Stanford research colonies and make critical health care decisions in a wide variety of situations. Perform veterinary care physical exams, diagnostic work-ups, medical or surgical treatment, and/or euthanasia, for all species found in the research colony populations. Ensure accuracy of clinical records in compliance with state and federal regulations. Provide veterinary care in the areas of preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care of research animals. Participate in clinical and didactic training of residents (ACLAM sanctioned), externs, and visiting veterinary students. Provide assessments of animals prior to intrastate, interstate, and international shipments, including physical examination, review of colony history, and pertinent diagnostic tests. Review animal use proposals for the IACUC and coordinate the monitoring of approved research projects. Supervise and training for Animal Care Assistants, Veterinary Technicians, or lower-level Veterinarians as appropriate.

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